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A proudly Canadian business, with a wealth of experience, and products that work as promised.

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As a wholly owned and operated Canadian Company, Troy-Ontor has a unique position in the valve automation market in Canada.


We started as an equipment supplier, but quickly realized that there was no one catering to automation of site existing valves or bare valves sitting in suppliers' warehouses. This led us to very quickly establish facilities to provide this service to our clients.


There is no doubt that we are the most experienced Company in Canada and perhaps in all of North America. We have well over 150 man-years of experience in the Company.


Should you have valves in service that are 50+ years old, we are the people to call. It is quite possible that we have successfully motorized your specific types of valves on previous projects. We have thousands of adaptor drawings and valve details in our archives to assist with your project.


We believe we are ideally positioned to look after all your valve automation needs providing experience, very superior products and ongoing assistance over the products' lifespan.

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