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Troy-Ontor is able to offer complete solutions for your project as well as individual services for sections of your project. You simply need to explain your requirements and we will tailor our services to specifically meet your needs. 

Our services include:



Site Assessment

Our highly-knowledgable and experienced technicians understand the challenge in finding the right valve for your specified application. We will evaluate the needs of your facility and make the best recommendation on the valve automation products you require. You can have confidence that Troy-Ontor will fully assess your project requirements to ensure that you make the best investment for your business. 


We will Assess and Evaluate what your site needs are including:

  • Valve schedules
  • Actuator sizing
  • Adaption
  • Voltages & Speeds
  • Enclosures
  • Control scheme
  • Construction timelines etc.
Specifications for Bids

Please refer to our Engineering Resources where you will find typical actuator specifications in .doc format. These documents can be revised to suit your needs. Since not all valve automation products are identical, we are able to draft products and solutions that are customized to your specific application.


In addtion to the documents found in Engineering Resources you will find typical wiring schematics to assist you with control scheme planning.

Equipment Supply

Complete your equipment purchase with all the extra necessary pieces to get your valve automation system running as soon as possible. We offer turnkey solutions, so we are stocked to provide all the equipment supplies your system requires.


Troy-Ontor is fully equipped to bid and supply equipment including:

  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • Controls
  • Accessories


Installation Assistance

Troy-Ontor Inc. offers Installation Assistance services for your valve automation products and systems. Our carefully selected and highly-qualified contractors will conduct the site installing and wiring of your equipment. These contractors operate under our supervision.



Troy-Ontor Inc. will ensure that the installation process will be carried out with extreme vigilance and that it will be explained in detail.



You can also contact us for any questions you may have about installation, where one of our knowledgable experts will be happy to help you. 

Start Up

Each start up project proposal is unique. We make sure to offer you all options during the start up of your valve automation system and all of its project components. Troy-Ontor's proposals will always include for site startup and commissioning within our service area. 


There is never any need to police this activity or pay extra.

Site Personnel Training

At Troy-Ontor we allow you to take full advantage of our services, this is why offer our extensive knowledge of our products and systems to you through Site Personnel Training. We offer on-site or classroom training to ensure that the end users are properly equipped to address the proper operation and service of equipment. 


We offer training on:

  • Proper Operation of Equipment
  • Service of Equipment
  • Maintenance Training
  • Product and System Information




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